It’s a private service of guided tours in Seville…

… that was born from a couple’s dream of settling down again in their land after several years abroad, to keep working in something they are passionate about.

… that goes ahead with our enthusiasm for discovering to the visitor the History and the legends of a city full of art, in a pleasant and enjoyable – but always accurate – way.

… that grows with the commitment to never stop learning and with the compromise of caring for ‘our guests’, so that they take back home a satisfying memory of their experience with us.


Víctor Fernández, 37 years old

Nº Official Guide License: 3061

After almost four years as a guide in Berlin and a trip around the World in the backpack, this globetrotter from Galicia, lover of History, fell in love with Seville. Here he keeps on practising his passion, helping the visitors discover the secrets of a fascinating place not only for its stunning past, but also for that extraordinary present.

Clara Nebrera, 37 years old

Nº Official Guide License: 3313 and artisan of Macarena Tours

This Sevillian girl with a Bachelor Degree in Fine Arts carries on her shoulders five years of experience in UK and Germany, combining different languages with the guided routes. A long adventure of a six-month trip throughout Asia has satiated her thirst for a while, and now she’s back home to show the visitors what is so special about Seville.


Some facts about Víctor

Laguages: Spanish, Galician, English, French, German and Portuguese

– University Degree in Audiovisual Communication, University of A Coruña.

– Bachelor’s Degree in Tourism, University of A Coruña.

– Master in Journalism and Master in Hotel Business Management.

– Tour Guide at CutourBerlín, Berlin, Germany.

– CEO and co-founder of Macarena Tours.

Some facts about Clara

Languages: Spanish, English and German

– University Degree in Fine Arts, University of Seville.

– Tour Guide at CultourBerlín, Berlin, Germany.

– Shop Manager in Fat Tire Bike Tours, Berlin, Germany.

– CEO and co-founder of Macarena Tours.

– Creator and artisan of handmade, original and exclusive products from Macarena Tours.

Social commitment

Through Macarena Tours we want to do our bit by collaborating in the projects that different NGOs develop around the world, and whose goal is to help the most vulnerable. Therefore, a percentage of each tour that you take on with us will go entirely to support different solidarity campaigns carried by Save The Children and Doctors Without Borders.

Our goal is to materialize the aid through a regular contribution thanks to our guests’ will and crave for learning and to the effort we carry out as guides, creating a unique spirit of integration among different cultures. For this reason, we will make public on the web and on the social networks the total amount collected every month and to which specific campaign will it be sent, so that you can see what you are contributing to.

Our wish is to be part of a humanitarian and supportive tourism from our place of origin, promoting direct and simple cooperation measures, offering our ‘guests’ the opportunity to use their trip as a way to extend their arms to reach any place. Because we think that listening, caring and helping go – and should go – hand in hand with traveling.


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