Seville offers a varied cultural offer to enjoy 4 or 5 days without having to look for alternative excursions to cover your stay in the city. However, many visitors take advantage of the proximity to other cities such as Córdoba, Xerez, Cádiz, or even Málaga or Granada, to visit part of Andalusia in a few days.

Many others leave Seville to meet nature to see a beach on the coast of Cádiz or Huelva, visit the Doñana National Park, or go hiking and walk the famous Caminito del Rey. Another common trip is to Sierra de Grazalema to get to know Ronda, one of the most typical white villages in Andalusia.

But one of the most requested day trips in recent times has undoubtedly been the visit to Tangier. Crossing the Strait of Gibraltar and reaching the African continent is too tempting an idea. Mainly for those who have crossed the Atlantic.

Local de Tánger

Teahouse in the centre of Tangier

Africa just around the corner

Algeciras – Tangier-Med

Algeciras is just 2 hours away from Seville. You can take ferries from there with relative frequency to cross the Mediterranean and get to Tangier-Med. The distance you cover is almost 30 kilometers, approximately 16 nautical miles.

The ferry terminal receives a large number of passengers every year. This high flow of people means that the main base to cross the Strait of Gibraltar is perfectly equipped, covering all the necessary services. In addition, the bus and train station are just over 1 kilometer away, so access to the port is very quick and easy.

Ferries take you in just 90 minutes to Tangier Med, a new port created on the outskirts of Tangier-Ville. The price ranges between 40 and 50 euros per person. There are two main ways to get to the city: by bus or taxi.

The journey by taxi takes about 45 minutes and costs around 25 euros (250 diahram). The bus is much cheaper, around 1.50 euros (10-15 dh), although the schedule is quite irregular and many of the vehicles are somewhat ramshackle.

Tarifa – Tangier-Ville

Another way to get to Tangier is via Tarifa, a small village a little further from Seville, approximately 2 hours and 15 minutes away. However, the ferries that leave from here go directly to Tangier-Ville, thus saving you a lot of travel time. The journey takes 1 hour or 2 hours depending on the shipping company you choose, which also affects the price of the trip, between 30 and 40 euros. It’s requested to arrive at least one hour in advance, either to cross with or without a vehicle.

The two places are 33 kilometers apart, about 18 nautical miles. In any case, it must be taken into account that the frequency of the ferries is less than from Algeciras.

The ferry journey does not usually cause any problems in Summer. But your trip might be cancel from one day to the next due to weather conditions, despite having the ferry reservation. For this reason, having a travel insurance offered by shipping companies is highly recommended, especially if you intend to travel in Winter.

What to see in Tangier?

It would be wise to visit the city with a tour guide, whether you leave with the group from the city of Seville itself or by hiring their services directly in Tangier. You make the most of these day trips by going with an expert in the area, who will provide you with all the necessary information about the city, both in historical and commercial matters.

View Medina Tangier

Medina of Tangier

The Medina is a place you shouldn’t miss. It’s one of the largest in the country. Walking through its narrow and labyrinthine alleys is in itself an experience. Some of those from where you look at suddenly give you spectacular views over the Strait.

One of the most emblematic spaces is the Place du 9 Avril, which leads to the Grand Zoco and the Petit Zoco. Undoubtedly, two extraordinary places to sit down and eat and savor the most local essence of the city. You shouldn’t leave the souk without trying some of its authentic and appreciated teas.

Another must-see will be the carpet, handicraft and spice shops. Be sure that shopkeepers will try to sell you something, so if you want to get a product at a good price you will have to learn to haggle.

A regular visit usually includes the Great Mosque and, if there’s still some time, the Alcazaba (fortress). My advice is to stop at any of the mosques that you can find walking around the city, as they are less crowded by tourists and the experience is much closer. Your own observation or even the contact you can establish with locals is priceless.

To make the most of your time you should walk through the Tanja Marina Bay, a recently built sports marina. The first urban marina in Morocco is located in front of the Medina and offers more than 1,400 moorings. You can also enjoy a promenade with a large number of restaurants, cafes and shopping centers. The best place to say goodbye to the city before taking the ferry and heading back to the Andalusian capital.

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