1. Activities in Seville for families with little children

Seville offers multiple alternatives to do with the family at any time of the year. Water and amusement parks, treasure hunts and clues to solve, special guided tours for children, the aquarium, boating or cycling are some of their favorite choices.

The Andalusian capital offers numerous recreational activities for the thousands of families that come visit every year and do not know what to do for their children to have a good time. A stay of several days away from home and from a familiar environment is often a complication for parents when deciding on the possibilities of a new destination.

That’s why we have created a detailed list by range of age with suggestions and recommendations to take children to when visiting Seville, although some of the ideas in this classification are of course also suitable for other ages.

1.1 Children’s trains

The Little Alamillo Railway is probably the most original option to go with children between 1 and 6 years old, although everyone enjoys it in their own way. It is made up of models of different trains that run a circuit 500 meters long for about 3 minutes time. The miniature trains, as if on a Scalextric, are pulled by authentic steam engines.

Mini trains Seville

Dozens of families with children get on a very entertainig activity in the Alamillo Park

The trip costs 1 euro per person, a fare that goes to the maintenance of this initiative, managed since 2002 by the Seville Association of Friends of the Railway. It is a plan a little far from the city, since it’s located in the Alamillo Park, but ideal to spend a Sunday, which is the day it works, from eleven in the morning to two in the afternoon (11 am – 2 pm).

Passengers to the train!

If after the fun ride on these tiny trains they feel like more, the children can get on the Guadalkitren, in this case a much larger pneumatic motorized train. It costs two euros (€2) and runs all day long and on some summer nights. It picks up passengers -adults included- at different points in the park and takes a tour of the enclosure in just 20 minutes, cheering the trip up with the most lively music.

The exchange of greetings is constant with the rest of families and groups of friends spending the day there. It is common to take balls, ropes, Frisbees and all kinds of gadgets to have a good time, as well as food to have a picnic on the lawn of the immense park. The venue also has a bar / cafeteria in the center where you can order tapas, so you won’t be hungry.

1.2 Thursday, the best day to go to the Aquarium of Seville

If the city has one, as in this case, the aquariums are magnificent places where the dreams and energies of a child flow like nowhere else. The Aquarium of Seville is up to the task, and presents 35 different aquariums and a variety of more than 400 species. Without a doubt, the complex captivates everyone who enters it.

Colorful fishes, mantas and rays, jellyfishes, snakes, turtles and of course, the fearsome sharks, will make the children’s audience vibrate in a tour of approximately 1 hour. They will be in their element.

A colourful pool in the Aquarium of Seville

The visit offers a wonderful underwater show with all kinds of animals and plants in bright colors.

The price is eighteen euros per adult (€18), while children up to 14 years old must pay thirteen euros (€13). Children under 4 enter for free. There is a family pack and discounts for large families or school children.

If you don’t mind going one day or another, we recommend you buy the tickets online for any Thursday after three in the afternoon, since they are much cheaper. The tickets on the so-called ‘esPEZtador’s day’, a pun with ‘espectador’ -‘spectator’- and PEZ -‘FISH’ in Spanish-, costs twelve euros (€12) for adults and eight (€8) for children, as long as it is purchased online.

1.3 Motor boat ride

A nice and endearing option to go with the little ones is located at the Lagoh Shopping Center, about 20 minutes by taxi from the center of Seville. The leisure complex has an artificial lake where you can rent small boats for periods of 15 minutes. Minors must be accompanied by an adult.

mini-barks run by parents and children

Many families enjoy a ride in small boats on the artificial lake of the Sevillian shopping center

Looking at the kids running one of these boats with the tiller is priceless. Well, it’s not – from ten euros (€10), to fifteen euros (€15) on weekends. The setting of the complex is a refuge of peace in the open air, away from cars, the commercial hustle and bustle of the city.

2. Activities for children between six and ten years old in Seville

2.1 Amusement and adventure parks

The Isla Mágica -Magic Island- amusement park in Seville is undoubtedly one of the favorite places for children. Since its inauguration, 25 years ago, it has been one of the most outstanding offers of entertainment in the city and thousands of Sevillian families and tourists repeat the experience every year.

In addition, the Agua Mágica -Magic Water- opens in the hottest months, delighting the little ones and not so little ones. Both the theme park and the aquapark, located just half an hour’s walk from the center of Seville, become one of the best options for those who live in or visit the city.

A second water park further from the center is located in Sevilla Este. Guadalpark is an essential attraction for the residents of the neighborhood, both for its proximity and for being much less crowded. It can be reached comfortably by bus from the center, getting on the line 27 in La Campana, next to Plaza del Duque, or from the Prado de San Sebastián with the Express Line (LE). Journeys take about 40 and 25 minutes, respectively.

Structure for multi-adventure sports in Lagoh

The multi-adventure structure offers numerous games with all the security measures.

Adventures in height

Another option is found next to the bars and restaurants of the Lagoh Shopping Center. The leisure complex has plenty of entertainment for all ages. From a zip line and a climbing wall to practice climbing, to a fun trampoline park.

A little further away, the Urban Planet catches our attention, a multi-adventure center in which children will be amazed by the wind tunnel (the most powerful in Spain outdoors), or the wave simulator, among others.

Boy in a wind tunnel

The experience of flying in Seville without a motor and without wings is possible thanks to the Lagoh wind tunnel, at the outskirts of the city.

2.2 Museum of Illusions

There is a modern space in the center of Seville where not everything is what it seems. The visitor who enters the recently inaugurated Museum of Illusions makes an itinerary of about 45 minutes in which he/she submits the mind to different tests. His/her own way of perceiving them causes a surprising effect full of illusions and optical tricks. Sometimes, it’s also about giving free rein to the imagination, and in this, children are the best teachers.

With more than fifty exhibitions, adults and children will share very special experiences, and time will fly. Mirages, jigsaw puzzles, holograms, rotating rooms and puzzles, among others, tease the visitor with curious challenges.

A really interactive and fun option for families to take into account any day of the year, especially on rainy days, as it opens every day from ten in the morning to ten at night (10 a.m. to 10 p.m.).

And how much cost the entrance to the Museum of Illusions in Seville? The entrance fee is ten euros (€10) for adults and seven euros (€7) for children between the ages of five and fifteen. Free for children under 5 years old.

2.3 Get on the oldest boat of the Guadalquivir river

Since last year, 2021, it is also possible to board a ship and live a very different experience. It’s not just any ship, nor a caravel, but a copy of the Nao Victoria, the first ship that managed to go around the world. It’s part of the visit to the Space of the First Trip Around the World, in which the ship itself ‘narrates’ the feat from its birth, with the wood coming from the Sierra del Segura, in Jaén, until its fulfillment, with the landing of Juan Sebastián Elcano and 17 other crew members at the port of Seville.

prow of the copy of the Nao Victoria in the Guadalquivir in Seville

Going to the Victoria is a fantastic plan to go with the family and discover the incredible adventures that the crew members went through in the high seas.

The price to board the Nao Victoria is six euros (€6) for adults and three euros (€3) for children. There are discounts for families and children under five enter for free. They also offer dramatized visits, experiences on board and children’s activities on specific dates throughout the year.

2.4 Children’s exhibitions and games in the Pavilion of the Navigation

This old pavilion of the 1992 Exhibition -fondly called ‘Expo’ by the locals- has become one of the pillars of Seville in terms of cultural activities. For years it has offered a very interesting, diverse and constantly changing program to bring the arts of navigation and discoveries closer to adults and children, who come to the exhibition center attracted by their curiosity and their great desire to learn.

Storytelling workshops, gymkhanas with all kinds of adventures, pirates and corsairs, and multiple activities that develop the interaction of the children’s public with the exhibitions presented -some temporary, others permanent, such as the one entitled ‘Seville and the Atlantic Navigation’-, in order to participate and understand better what they have around.

General admission costs four euros and ninety cents (€4.90) and includes access to the Schindler Tower, sixty-five meters high. There are discounts for those under 14 years of age and for those over 65, as well as for large families, unemployed people, the disabled, or concerted groups. In these cases, the price is three euros and fifty (€3.50). Children under five enter for free. Occasionally you can take a guided tour and go up to the lookout tower to enjoy the panoramic elevator and the sunset.

Schindler Tower and Seville Tower

The Schindler Tower over the Guadalquivir is part of the visit to the Navigation Pavilion.

3. Fun activities for children from ten years old in Seville

3.1 A surrey bike for several people

Renting a bicycle for the same group is possible in one of the most beautiful places in the city – Maria Luisa Park. A visit to the Plaza de España -Spain Square- is mandatory and just a few meters from there, next to the ice cream and snacks kiosks, you can get a quadricycle or ‘cyclobus’ that can fit four and, a little cramped, up to five people. The little ones can travel in a mini basket located on the front of the bike. There are also cyclotours to go as a couple.

Horse carriages and bikes Seville

Renting a bicycle for the same group is a fun way to tour the María Luisa gardens.

How much does it cost to rent a group bike in the María Luisa park in Seville? Renting a bicycle for groups of up to 6 people costs twenty-four euros (€24) for a half-hour ride and forty-eight euros (€48) for an hour. The cyclobus for 4 adults costs fifteen euros (€15) for thirty minutes, and 30 euros (€30) for sixty minutes. The two-person cycle costs twelve euros (€12) for half an hour and twenty-four euros (€24) for an hour.

There is no right route, since the walk is free through all the gardens. This allows you to quickly reach places like the Plaza de América -America Square-, where you can admire the old pavilions of the Ibero-American Exhibition of 1929: the Mudejar pavilion, the Fine Arts pavilion, and the Royal pavilion. They house nowadays, respectively, the Museum of Popular Arts and Customs and the Archaeological Museum, while the Royal pavilion will soon open an exhibition on Aníbal González, architect and director of the former event.

The square is popularly known as the ‘square of the pigeons’, as dozens of them are concentrated there and eat from the hands of the children who dare to feed them. Not far from there, in the middle of the park, there is a pond full of ducks and swans that also become an amusing attraction for the little ones.

Pigeons America Square

Families and groups of friends often come to this square to feed the pigeons.

The Cyclotour company also rents tandems for eight euros one hour and fourteen euros two hours, and bicycles for ten euros two hours and twelve euros three hours. The rental price of a ‘surrey bike’ varies depending on the number of people and the season. In any case, it’s a great way to have a good time with the family and discover one of the most beautiful and famous places in the city. Of course, as you may have already imagined, as an adult you will end up pedaling much more than the children!

3.2 Family boat ride

But if what children are passionate about is water, what a better way of making them happy than getting on a tiny boat in an ideal setting within the very María Luisa Park – the Plaza de España. It’s a round-trip route along the square, rowing under four bridges (eight if we count the return itinerary). The views are unbeatable and it does not involve any type of risk. If for a moment we decide to turn our backs on the splendid pavilion of the old Expo of ’29, we will see dozens of colorful fish, some of them really big.

Boat ride in the Plaza de España in Seville

Renting a small boat is a magnificent option to enjoy the Plaza de España, especially at the evening.

3.3 Specialized guided tours

If what you want is for them to learn by playing, the gymkhanas of Seville a la Carta will allow you to get to know the city in a very original way. Puzzles, clues, treasure chests… Endless challenges and tests that will make time will fly by. Do not miss their latest news!

Many official guides also offer guided tours in which children are the leading role. Even the most demanded tours, such as the Royal Alcazar or the Cathedral of Seville, can be conceived from a different point of view so that kids have a great time. Maps, compasses, curious details or anecdotes turn the visit into an unforgettable experience, both for parents and little ones.

Gardens at the Alcazar

A visit to this former Arab fortress, later modified by the Christians after the Reconquest, is a fantastic family plan when visiting Seville. The palaces, but especially the gardens of the Royal Alcazar, with majestic peacocks, ducks and fishes, will leave the smallest of the house speechless. In the heart of the gardens you will also enjoy a fun labyrinth.

Group of students in the Alcázar of Seville

Every year dozens of schoolchildren and university students enjoy the thematic and dramatized visits to the Real Alcázar

Some guide agencies such as Macarena Tours offer specialized services for children included in the so-called Kids Tour, with themed visits and special gifts for children. Likewise, the bicycle circuit adapted for children has become the favorite route for many young tourists, who discover the city in a dynamic and enjoyable way in approximately 50 minutes.

4. The most original family plans in Seville

4.1 Ceramic workshop for all ages

A century ago, Seville had twenty ceramic factories in the Triana neighbourhood. Today there are none left, just an old pottery that became an interpretation center in 2014, allowing you to learn about the particularities of this very special trade in the Andalusian capital since the Islamic period.

Attending a workshop linked to the history of a city is a very useful way of learning and having a good time. At the Espacio Barro Azul -Blue Clay Space-, located in this genuine neighborhood of Triana, you can participate in this art directly, with courses adapted to all levels and ages, and in English if necessary.

Group of students in the Barro Azul workshop tiling in Triana

The pottery and wheel workshops at Barro Azul allow you to learn the techniques in a very pleasant and relaxed atmosphere.

In the workshop they will explain to you not only the evolution of kilns in the past and the different techniques used, but they will also allow you to paint a tile and use a potter’s wheel to model a piece. And of course, then you can take it home. A great way to get a unique souvenir at your destination!

4.2 Watching sunsets in the center of Seville

Going up to the top of a structure in the shape of mushrooms can be very entertaining for a family visit. Touring the platforms and watching the sunset from the top of the curious and modern Metropol Parasol is one of the highlights to do in Seville. Since last winter 2021, a light show and projections have also been incorporated that will dazzle the little ones. It will undoubtedly be one of the pictures and memories of the city that both adults and children will take home.

Tickets to go up to the popular Mushrooms of Seville range from five euros (€5) to fifteen euros (€15), depending on whether you visit during the day, go at night and/or include immersive experiences, with projections. Discounts are available for families, both residents and tourists.

Market of the Incarnation of Seville in Las Setas

Going up the popular Mushrooms is a formidable experience, highly recommended for all audiences

4.3 Projections and storytelling in the Planetarium

The House of Science is located in the former Pavilion of Peru of the famous Ibero-American Exhibition of 1929, in the surroundings of the María Luisa Park. It’s a great center for exhibitions and workshops to go to with children any day of the year, as the samples change periodically. All of them revolve around science, nature and the universe. In fact, for this last field of astronomical study it has a planetarium, in which different stories aimed at different ages are projected.

For example, there is a permanent projection for the little ones in the form of a tale: ‘Little Red Riding Hood’. But there are also sessions for older boys and girls, through which they can observe the sky live. Productions are often released with digital technology that deal with a particular topic. This 2021-2022 season specifically on the figure of Alfonso X el Sabio -‘the Wise’, as the 800th anniversary of his birth is commemorated.

5. Other things to do with children in Seville

A good cinema session will never go out of style. What child does not like to be bought candy or popcorn to watch a cartoon movie at the cinema?

This option is often discarded when traveling, even more so when we go abroad. But watching a movie in another language becomes even more interesting and attractive for children. If you’re still not convinced, you can also take them to the Avenida 5 Cinema, which shows the movies in their original languages (O.V.) with subtitles in Spanish. They can hear a new language and even learn a few words, and focus their attention on what is happening. In addition, animated films usually have a simple plot to follow and understand, so parents can accompany their children and not miss the essentials of the plot.

We must not forget other fun activities that can be a fantastic attraction to go with the children, such as a game of bowling, a paintball battle or a kart race. While it is true that we can do all of them in other destinations, and even in our places of origin, children will be dying for this type of plan, so success is almost guaranteed. After all we are on vacation and we also want to have fun with our children. Enjoying these activities in other settings is also exciting and somewhat challenging for the kids.

Atmosphere in a playground of Seville

Many Sevillian playgrounds have been modernized and adapted to different age ranges

Clues games

Dozens of Escape Room venues are spread throughout the Andalusian capital and continue to be very attractive, especially among the young public. The challenges are designed by themes, and the range of possibilities that Seville presents is almost infinite: Trapped in the ’80s, Pharaoh Tutankhamun, Casino Western, Poltergeist, the Roman Empire, Dr. Painokovic’s vaccine, Christopher Columbus… are just a few examples. A great option to go with a handful of friends, or to enjoy with the big kids.

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